Optimize millions of products and pages for better rank in Amazon

Beat your competitors, increase conversions, and drive revenue with DemandSphere's Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence. 

With 97% of clicks made in the first page of results, and 70% of keywords searched on Amazon being the in the long tail - Amazon sellers and marketers have to spend time matching up product pages with the keywords and page elements to get found. We make that process simple, and base it on data science.

We've got an Amazon keyword keyword tool that is built for enterprises and organizations that need to understand their landscape, make smart product placement decisions, and discover Amazon opportunities.

What you get with Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence:

  • Daily Amazon rank tracking 
    Get daily updates about the rank of your products on Amazon for millions of pages and keywords across your Amazon Store(s).
  • Daily competitor rank tracking 
    See how your competition is ranking for your targeted keywords and products and learn what it will take to outrank them.
  • Rank improvement recommendations
    Your to-do list for rank improvement of products in your Amazon store and a way to become an expert seller.
  • Keyword discovery 
    The best tool to research and identify additional target keywords for your products so you can create the best ranking pages.
  • Keyword opportunity score 
    Prioritize and research the best keywords to target based on difficulty and current ranking products to maximize your resources.
  • Content Catching Fire 
    See which product pages are increasing in rank fastest on Amazon and in search engines for you and your competitors to better understand traffic and revenue changes as well as leverage opportunities for better marketing and paid spend.
  • Real time results 
    View daily changes to how products are ranking versus your competition on Amazon search results.
  • DemandSphere integration 
    View your Amazon ranking and intelligence data alongside our search and content platform so you can understand traffic and marketing changes across search engines, channels, locations, devices, campaigns, messaging, audience types and more.
  • Segment and group products by category, feature, campaign, audience type, location, and more 
    Analyze your performance by segment to understand trends and leverage opportunities for better rank and conversion on your Amazon pages and within your site.
  • DemandCrawl integration 
    The deepest page-level analytics product available gathers more than 50 ranking data points for your content as well as your competitors, highlights changes over time and alerts you to what really matters for rank improvements on Amazon and your site.